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When I first started practicing law, I was a legal aid lawyer in Miami, and I was doing some work with some friends of mine, about some punitive action, and they worked with the Public Defender’s office. And I had never wanted to do criminal defense. I just wasn’t interested, and talking to them I realized it was the same client. That is, there were people who were lacking resources and didn’t have an advocate for them, and that made me realize that I should give that a try. And I ended up going to the Public Defender’s office in Miami, and then here in Georgia.

Several years ago, a young man from South Georgia had gotten into some trouble, primarily because he just told some friends that he had gotten a new job. These friends decided to turn what their friend had said into a bank robbery, and someone was killed. And they testified against him in trial but he was acquitted because the jury realized that he was doing nothing more than just explaining to his friends that he had a new job, and all of a sudden, these so-called “friends” took that opportunity and turned it into an armed bank robbery that turned into a murder.

With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to get results for our clients. At R. Gary Spencer, P.C., we provide clients with the personal attention and skilled counsel they deserve from their attorney.

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  1. Ashley Maxwell

    Thanks for your comment about how it’s beneficial to hire a criminal defense lawyer with a lot of experience. I like how you said that they should pay a lot of attention to their clients and communicate well with them too. My husband and I are considering hiring an attorney for my brother who needs the help and experience.


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