What to Do if You Get Stopped for a DUI

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When you’re stopped for a DUI, you have two choices, usually. And those choices are either to blow in the machine or not. If you do blow in the machine, you’re actually creating evidence against yourself. If you don’t blow in the machine, you are risking having your license suspended for a full year. So… Read more »

Why Do Legal Cases Take So Long?

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I’m often asked, why can’t we make this case get resolved faster? Well, speed is not always the defendant’s friend. Sometimes, you need time to investigate the case. Sometimes, you need time to gather witnesses, to hire experts. And sometimes, you have to remember that you might be in a very busy jurisdiction that’s just… Read more »

How long will my case take?

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Sometimes I’m asked, in the personal injury context, why can’t we get our recovery sooner, it seems to be an open and shut case. Well, you have to remember that the insurance companies are not in the business of giving you full value. And so, sometimes you have to convince them or threaten to litigate… Read more »

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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When someone’s looking for a lawyer to represent them in a criminal case, they often ask, “Well, have you represented other people in these sort of cases?” And the answer is yes. I represented people in federal and state court, drug crimes, homicides, assaults, allegations of domestic violence, and abuse. So I’ve handled pretty much… Read more »