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Gratitude and Generosity during COVID-19

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Gratitude and Generosity during COVID-19

At the time of this writing, we have worked remotely for 56 days, almost 8 full weeks. While we have been able to seamlessly adjust to the new reality, we are mindful that many colleagues, clients, friends, and family members have had a more difficult time. I think about the workers for whom working at home is not an option. I think about small business owners (and their families) trying to safely reopen, fearing for their safety and that of their customers. I think about all of the medical and nursing home personnel, the postal workers, the bus and train operators, who have to do their jobs for us to keep moving.

            My thoughts revolve around gratitude and generosity. I am grateful for the essential workers in this pandemic. I am grateful for the scientists searching tirelessly for a vaccine. I am grateful for the many lawyers who continue to make a difference in the lives of others, whether by asking government officials to keep us safe in reopening the economy or the lawyers who are still working to have their clients released from custody because they cannot afford to post bail. I am grateful for the lawyers of the State Bar of Georgia working to keep the Bar open for the good of the public. And I am grateful for the lawyers I am around, who continue to do excellent work. And I am grateful for everyone trying to make the best of this situation.

            Generosity must be remembered now too. If you can safely contribute to a food bank, do that. If you can safely help a neighbor, do that. If that means taking the time to make a phone call, do it. What a great time to call that relative you have not heard from. What a time to offer the olive branch to someone you have not seen in a while.

            And do not forget to extend generosity to yourself. This is Lawyer Wellness week. The State Bar of Georgia is an excellent resource at www.gabar.org/wellness. There are resources for your total well-being. Go take a look!

Together with generosity and gratitude, we will get through this difficult time. 


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